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If you’re looking for a cat that will loot your refrigerator and swing dizzily from your chandeliers, then the British Shorthair is not for you. Contact your own british shorthair kittens. Shop now at

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Scottish Fold Kittens

The Scottish Fold cat occurred as a spontaneous mutation in farm cats in Scotland. The breed has been established by crosses to British Shorthair and domestic cats in Scotland and England. In America, the outcross is the American and British Shorthair. All bona fide Scottish Fold cats trace their pedigree to Susie.

Health and Guarantee certifies that the puppy you purchase/adopt is in sound health at the time of contract to the best of our knowledge, and has been given all vaccinations and worming’s stated on the vaccination record provided to the buyer/adopter. We do our best to provide the new owner with a healthy puppy. The buyer/adopter will become responsible for further vaccination, boosters, and worming’s. If this puppy becomes sick or has a genetic default, the following stipulations must be adhered to in order for a replacement to be made. The official report from a licensed vet stating, without a doubt, the puppy has a genetic defect that would hinder the pup, must be sent to us along with a phone number of the vet’s office. If the puppy should die, an autopsy must be done by a licensed vet stating the cause of death. The documentation must be forwarded to us before a determination will be made. The seller reserves the right to confirm the diagnosis with a vet of my choice. The seller will not be responsible for any expense you may incur, including return shipping and vet expenses. 


Shipping is totally safe & stress-free on the kitten. You will receive kitten within 5-6 hours same day after shipping depending on your location. Kittens on planes are as safe as you or I flying. We have shipped cats for more than 14 years now. We always try to ship direct nonstop when flying pets and adults. In our experience and opinion, our cats are very comfortable and the new owners tell us their new kitten has arrived safely and not at all stressed.